Frequently Asked Questions

No. Support groups are made up of volunteer board members. Their goals are to bring content to the community and raise money for students. They do not have access to UCSB swag.

Each support group has different rules regarding membership dues. Please review membership requirements for each group under their pages.

The goal of support groups is to build engagement with community members. Groups often partner with local businesses and community groups to raise money or put on community events with UCSB content.

Most support groups focus on their specific programming but often partner with community groups and businesses to put on events that are mutually beneficial. Support groups can often provide access to lectures from faculty and staff. If you are looking for a potential partnership, please inquire with

If a Support Group charges a membership fee, these fees go to support events and programming for the group. This could include but not limited to venues, field trips, transportation, refreshments, equipment, newsletters and mailings.

Membership dues and donations to scholarships and fellowships are two different things. Paying dues money gets you membership. Donations to any funds is simply a philanthropic contribution.

Membership for all groups is renewed annually. If you would like to inquire about a cancellation prior to this time, please reach out to