Community Resources

Engage with UC Santa Barbara

There’s a world-class university right in your backyard. Performances, programs, activities, lectures — how will you join UC Santa Barbara? We invite you to explore ways community members can be part of campus activities and university outreach programs.

The Department of Recreation at UCSB offers a variety of activities, programs, and services, for students, faculty, staff, and the community.

A selection of the mental health, assessment and career guidance services offered to UCSB students, faculty and staff are also available to the public.

UCSB hosts a large collection of educational and historical resources for students, staff, faculty, and the community in the Library and in various museums and collections across campus.

UCSB hosts year-round performances, lectures, and events open to the public.

UCSB offers several opportunities for professional development and continuing education that can be accessed by the public.

  • Professional Women's Association (PWA) works to increase awareness among campus constituencies of the contributions of women to the mission of UCSB.
  • UCSB Extension offers professional development training, personal enrichment, and certification programs in a variety of areas.
  • Research Experience for Teachers (RET) affords teachers the opportunity to create new lab projects for science classrooms by participating in laboratory research under the guidance and direction of Materials Research Lab researchers.
  • South Coast Writing Project is comprised of a network of teachers dedicated to improving student writing by improving the teaching of writing. They do so by providing professional learning, resources, and expanded roles for teachers throughout the Tri-county area.

UCSB offers extensive educational programming for K-12 students as well as programming to enhance students' awareness and readiness for higher education.

K-12 Educational Outreach - UCSB In the Community

  • America Reads and America Counts at UCSB pairs K-6 students with undergraduate tutors to improve their math and reading skills.
  • Early Academic Outreach Program offers pre-college preparation and guidance in local schools.
  • Earth Research Institute Presentations bring the wonders of seismology, natural hazards, global change, and geology to local schools.
  • Earth Sciences K-14 Outreach offers local schools classroom visits, department tours, and educational materials related to local geology.
  • It's a Material World brings Materials Research Lab graduate students to present at elementary school science nights.
  • Kids Do Ecology website and the Scientist in the Classroom Project promote education and outreach to elementary school students.
  • MESA School Program provides academic enrichment and college preparation to first-generation middle and high school students.
  • Oceans to Classroom (O2C) offers hands-on learning to K-12 students and their teachers through classroom visits and tours at UCSB.
  • Physics Circus is an on-the-road program where UCSB students and faculty demonstrate science experiments in local classrooms.

K-12 Educational Outreach - On Campus

College Preparation
UCSB offers many programs designed to enhance awareness about higher education and to better prepare students for their futures.

  • Young Scholars Program The Young Scholar Program offers you, a high-achieving, pre-college student in the local area, an opportunity to begin university-level study while you're still in high school.
  • Early Start Program is a pre-college program that allows students to academically experience a university setting while also enhancing their college applications.
  • Research Mentorship Program provides high school students with a unique opportunity to tackle hands-on, university-level research.
  • Campus Tours and Admissions Presentations Campus tours, virtual tours, and webinars are available throughout the year.
  • ScienceLine is an "ask a scientist" program where students and teachers can submit science and engineering questions and receive responses from UCSB scientists.

The UC Natural Reserve System is the largest university-administered reserve system in the world, comprised of 39 protected natural areas throughout California. Founded in 1965 to provide undisturbed environments for research, education, and public service, the Natural Reserve System contributes to the understanding and wise stewardship of the earth. The following sites are located in the Tri-County area and provide public outreach.

UCSB offers conference facilities, catering services, and accommodations to help all visitors feel at home. The university also provides general services to the community such as hazardous waste collection and promotional space for property owners in search of tenants.

UCSB Economic Forecast Project provides the community with information on economic, demographic, and regional business trends in the Tri-County area.

UCSB Family Vacation Center seeks to provide an all-inclusive, affordable family vacation that offers meals, lodging, childcare and activities, plus a variety of programs and events that aim to please all members of the family.